Monday, March 14, 2005

Sooner Haven

In case you missed it in the August, 2003 New Yorker, here's another chance to read Katherine Boo's eye-opening account of life here in Oklahoma City in one of our public housing projects. It is a "must read" for anyone who cares about our city and our community. The article is long so I linked to a printable version. Read it and then share it with your friends. In case you don't know, Sooner Haven is the housing project on the south side of 36th street, west of the Zoo.


Blogger Ceres said...

Thanks for the link to the article. I'm printing it off now and will pass it on.

2:18 PM  
Blogger CGHill said...

I know this neighborhood; I go through it at least once or twice a week. (The shortest route between where I live and where I work runs right down 36th.) The only thing that didn't quite ring true was the five-hour walk from Penn Square to Sooner Haven, which is only about five miles.

As to whether getting married will work - well, not getting married certainly hasn't worked.

6:53 PM  
Blogger OKPartisan said...

Perhaps she was wearing heels...

In addition to Take Your Daughter To Work Day, and every other Day that has been concocted, perhaps we should have Take the Bus to Work Day. Sounds like we have problems in that regard.

7:28 PM  

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